Equipment Bookings

(including pitching machines at your practice field)


Pitching Machines Available

  • Battery Operated Pitching Machines (identified as B1, B2, etc)
  • Plug-In (AC) Powered Pitching Machines (identified as A1, A2, etc)


  1. FIND IT: Use the tool below to find available equipment and times. Filter by item (coloured boxes) and view by Availability, Date, or your own bookings (Agenda). Booking times include pick-up and return of all equipment.
  2. BOOK IT: Click on a blank (uncoloured) time slot to book a machine; you can change the machine/times before saving. For you 1st booking you must create a user ID/password. Once saved/accepted, your booking appears in the calendar and your Agenda. You should a receive confirmation right away, and a reminder a day or so ahead.

  3. USE THE CORRECT EQUIPMENT: Each machine is labelled so please check and use only equipment you booked (unlabelled machines may be broken/unsafe). Balls and batteries are located with each machine. Please don't use equipment you have not booked; do use only ONE bucket of 20 balls and ONE battery; don't pick up ahead of time; and do return everything on time.
  4. BATTERIES & CHARGERS: Please re-charge the battery for the next person. Chargers are located at Loutet along with extra batteries, so you can return the other equipment on time, take the battery home for a few hours to charge it, and return it and the charger in time for the next person. Battery life is also severely reduced when left uncharged. For safety and security please don't leave the batteries charging unattended.
  5. RESTRICTIONS: The system limits you to 2 bookings per week and a total of 5 future bookings, and does not allow bookings less than 1 hour in advance and no more than 3 weeks into the future (anything after that appears unavailable).

  6. PROBLEMS: If something's missing, ask your fellow coaches. Please don't attempt repairs if you are unqualified or inexperienced with the particular item. Report required repairs/maintenance (including equipment ID) to