Welcome to 2017 Player Registration

Reminder: Stars rep players to be officially registered and paid by January 31

All other minor players have until March 15 (March 27 for U6 to U10) to avoid late fees (see details further below).


Instructions (IMPORTANT)

Make sure you have the required information (listed below) then scroll down and click "REGISTER NOW" at the bottom of this page.

You will need:

  1. Team Snap user ID and password (if you've used Team Snap for anyone in your family, regardless of player/league/sport)
  2. Credit Card (required to pay online unless other arrangements made)
  3. Softball BC (SBC) Lifetime Member # (returning players save $10)

How to find Your SBC Number 

Paying or Completing an Existing Registration

To complete a registration previously started or to make a payment for an existing registration, log into your Team Snap account and scroll down to "My Pending Registrations" (very bottom).

Need help?

Please read our FAQ before contacting us. For general registration help please email registrar@nsfastpitch.ca. For questions or requests about Team Placement please contact your specific Division Coordinator. For common Team Snap issues such as logging in, creating an account, or fixing the account owner name for waivers please see FAQ #19.


2017 Schedule & Fees

The season runs from early April to the end of June, followed by Provincial or Regional Championships (for qualifying teams). Divisions are based on birth year. The fees below are consistent with 2016 and exclude any additional applicable discounts or fees. The fee we charge are to help to pay for equipment, uniforms, fields, umpires, insurance, etc.

 Division Birth Years Age on
Dec 31, 2016
Fees Games Practice Days
House League
 U6 2011/12 4 - 5 yrs $110 Mon & Wed (Learn-To-Play)
 U8 2009/10 6 - 7 yrs $145 Tue & Thu (Learn-To-Play) 
 U10 2007/08 8 - 9 yrs $180 Wed + some weekends Mon
 U12 2005/06 10 - 11 yrs $215 Tue & Thu + some weekends weekends
 U14 2003/04 12 - 13 yrs $215 Mon & Wed + some weekends weekends
 U16 2001/02 14 - 15 yrs $215 Mon & Wed + some weekends weekends
 U19 1998-2000 16 - 18 yrs $215 Tue & Thu + some weekends weekends
Rep League (subject to Rep Guidelines & try-outs)
 Supermite 2007/08 8 - 9 yrs $285 Tue & Thu + some weekends coach discretion
 Rep (B) 1998 - 2005 10 - 17 yrs $325 Tue & Thu (U12B & U16B)
Mon & Wed (U14B & U18B)
+ weekend tournaments
coach discretion
Women's League (subject to coach acceptance)
 Junior 1996/97/98 18 - 20 yrs $215 TBD (starting in May) coach discretion
 Senior before 1996 21+ yrs $165 TBD (starting in May) coach discretion


Payment Options & Charges

We recommend paying online by credit card (we use WePay). It's the quickest, easiest and lowest-cost way to secure your registration and be placed on a team. Cheque or cash payments are subject to an addtional $10 handling fee. Registrations may be held in suspense until payment is received. A $30 fee will be applied to dishonored payments.

Softball BC Membership Fee

The $10 Softball BC membership fee is our cost to purchse a SBC Lifetime Membership on behalf of a new player, and also what we charge to look up the membership number for a returning player. Please keep track of your Softball BC number to avoid extra charges, or look it up at http://softball.bc.ca or in your archived Team Snap profile from last season.

Deadlines, Discounts and Late Fees

House Players: a $10 discount is available if you register and pay by January 31 (February 15 for U6 to U10) and a $15 late fee applies if you registar/pay after March 15 (March 27 for U6 to U10). Rep players: must register and pay by January 31 to avoid late fees. Junior & Senior Women: No discounts or late fees but registration is subject to coach approval.

Financial Assistance or Special Requests

If you are applying for financial assistance (e.g. Kidsport or Athletics for Kids) or if you have a special financial situation request, please send a confidential email to vpfinance@nsfastpitch.ca.


Receipts are available on your Team Snap home page (scroll down to "My Registrations"). You are responsible for maintaining copies of all receipts and information, and determining what amounts (if any) are deductible for tax purposes. We cannot provide duplicate receipts or tax information or advice. See FAQ #16 for further details.


Refunds are subject to our refund process - please refer to FAQ#17 for details.


Ready to register?

Important Reminders:

Returning players, please look up your Softball BC number before you register to avoid an extra non-refundable fee (using an incorrect number will result in delays and extra charges).


Division League Birth Years Status** Action
U6 (Blastball) House 2011/12 CLOSED REGISTER
U8 (Mini Mite) House 2009/10 CLOSED REGISTER
U10 (Mite) House 2007/08 CLOSED REGISTER
U12 (Squirt) House 2005/06 CLOSED REGISTER
U14 (Pee Wee) House 2003/04 CLOSED REGISTER
U16 (Bantam) House 2001/02 CLOSED REGISTER
U19 (Midget) House 1998-2000 CLOSED REGISTER
U10 Select Teams Select 2007/08 INVITE ONLY REGISTER
Stars Rep Teams Rep 1999 - 2006 CLOSED REGISTER
Junior Women Women before 1998 CLOSED (FULL) Contact Us
Senior Women Women before 1998 INVITE ONLY Contact Us


OPEN Multiple spots left on most teams. We try to accomodate specific team/teammate requests, considering team forming guidelines (see our FAQ).
 NEARLY FULL  Most teams are full BUT somes teams have room. We may not be able to accomodate specific team/teammate requests.
WAITLIST Curent teams are full, or nearly full. We will place you on a team if there is room (or someone withdraws) but we may not be able to accomodate specific team/teammate requests. We will issue a full refund if we cannot place you on any team.
CLOSED All teams in this division are full. Registration for next season starts Janauary 1, 2018.

Rep Teams: Only players selected and approved for a Stars Rep team for the 2017 season may register as a rep player (see Rep Guidelines).

U10 Select Teams: Only players selected for the Supermite or U10 Tournament team for the 2017 season may register as a U10 Select player. Players selected to the U10 Tournament team must also register for U10 House League.

Jr/Sr Women: Team forming for Junior & Senior Women's teams is at the coach's discretion. Please contact us for an introduction.