House coaches

Anyone interested in coaching an NSGFA house team should notify either the  VP Junior or VP Senior according to the age group.

Head coaches will be appointed by the NSGFA Board. Head coaches can then select assistants and team managers.

All coaches and managers must complete a registration form to be rostered into the system. A criminal record check is also mandatory.

Rep coach application procedure

Request for coaching applications for the NSGFA rep teams will be posted here on the website. This usually happens in August.

Applications for the upcoming season must be received by the dates listed on the posting for coach applications.

The selection process may include an interview with standardized questions.

Head coaches will be selected by the NSGFA Rep Committee in late August, in time for coaches to participate in the rep tryouts in early September.

The head coach must submit the names of the recommended assistant coaches to the Rep Committee by September 30.

Coach selection criteria

The Rep Committee will look at a variety of inputs to determine the head coach for each team. The inputs will include but not be limited to:

  • Softball coaching experience
  • Other sports coaching experience
  • Coaching philosophy
  • Team goals
  • Past experience with the NSGFA
  • U17 and U19 head coaches should have a minimum four years coaching experience

Head coaches must be qualified at the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) qualification level required by Softball BC.

  1. These levels are subject to change by both the governing bodies noted above.
  2. It is recommended all coaches of a team be qualified to the appropriate level of that team.

Assistant coaches must be approved by the Rep Committee.

Coach expectations

The term "coach" will denote both the head coach and any and all assistant coaches on a team with respect to this section.

A coach will strive to meet the mission statement and objectives of the NSGFA Rep Program.

A coach must be a member in good standing with the NSGFA.

A coach should hold a minimum of one (1) practice per week commencing on January 1.

A coach should enter the team in a minimum of four (4) tournaments during the playing season.

A coach must ensure the team is prepared to participate in the Provincial Championships.

A coach must ensure that the team participates in NSGFA Opening Day Activities, including (but not necessarily limited to) the Opening Day Parade, ceremonies, team photos and ball toss. Participation should include at least 75% (ideally 100%) of the team’s coaches and players.

A coach is expected to meet with the team’s players and their parents to discuss, at a minimum, the following:

  • coaching philosophy
  • team goals and priorities
  • practice and playing schedules
  • player attendance expectations
  • playing time in both regular season and in any and all tournaments
  • fund raising expectations

A coach shall be a positive role model for the team.

A coach is expected to be a positive ambassador for the NSGFA, the team and the game of softball.

Unsportsmanlike and/or unacceptable behaviour exhibited by a coach at practices, games or tournaments will not be tolerated by the NSGFA and may lead to repercussions up to and including removal from the team.

Should a team require temporary roster additions that coach must:

  1. First contact the coach of the player(s) they wish to use.
  2. The coach, who requires the addition, is not to contact the player or parent(s) in question until permission is granted by that player’s coach.
  3. Temporary roster additions must meet SoftballBC rules concerning temporary roster additions.

Coach evaluations

An evaluation questionnaire will be issued to players and parents of the team.

Results of the questionnaire will be compiled by the Rep Committee and feedback provided to the coach. The results will be anonymous. No player or parent name will be provided.

The results of the questionnaire may be used to help select coaches in the following years and should be used by the coach to strengthen and improve their skills and abilities.

Coaching clinics

In person coaching clinic

Download the NSGFA handbook

Coaches and managers must provide a current Criminal Record Check