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1. 2016 Year-End Tournament (June 24th-26th)

Thank you to all the teams that participated in our year-end tournament. Below is the final standings for all four divisions. Check out our Facebook page ( for pictures of the winners and runners up.

A special thank you to all the visiting teams for coming to the North Shore to take part in our tournament. Despite some initial hiccups with umpire scheduling, the weather was great and most everything went very smoothly. A huge thanks also to all of the volunteers who helped organise and run the tournament, including a number of umpires who rearranged their schedules at the last minute to help out, and a number of parents and coaches who helped to umpire some games.

Div Team Place   Div Team Place
U16 Thunder 1st (Gold)   U14 Blue Jays 1st (Gold)
U16 Royals 2nd (Silver)   U14 Angels 2nd (Silver)
U16 Cubs 3rd   U14 Bandits 3rd
U16 Voopsters 4th   U14 Bears 4th
U16 Jaguars 5th   U14 Green Lightning 5th
U16 Reds 6th   U14 Dories 6th
Div Team Place   Div Team Place
U12 Eagles 1st (Gold)   U10 Dragons 1st (Gold)
U12 Wildcats 2nd (Silver)   U10 Roses 2nd (Silver)
U12 Fireballs 3rd   U10 Fireballers 3rd
U12 Blue Jays 4th   U10 Hot Chilli Peppers 4th
        U10 Angels 5th
        U10 Blue Jays 6th


2. U12 C Region 2 Championship (June 17-19, North Van)

North Shore Girls Fastpitch was thrilled to host the 2016 U12 C Region 2 Championships on the June 17 to 19 weekend.

Tournament Schedule   Info Package   Volunteer Schedule   Game Summary   Scorekeeping Guide  

Congratulations to all U12 teams that participated in the tournament!

Final Results:


3. 2016 District 4 Playdowns

Congratulations to the U14C Angels, U16C Thunder, U19C Wildcats, Stars 05, Stars 02, Stars 2000, and Stars 99/98 who will be represening the NSGFA and District 4 at the Provincial Championships.