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  1. NSGFA Year-End Tournament (below)
  2. U12 C Region 2 Championships (scroll down)
  3. District 4 Play-downs (scroll down)

1. 2016 Year-End Tournament (June 24th-26th)

Registration deadline = June 10, 2016

Our year-end tournament is for house teams from U10C to U19C. Up to six teams per division. Four game guarantee. Four teams (six for U10) advance to the single-knock-out playoffs. Medals/trophies for 1st and 2nd place per division. MVP awards for round-robin games. NSGFA house tournament rules (modified for U10).

  • McCartney Creek Park (1575 Larkhall Crescent, North Vancouver)
  • Loutet Park (1700 Rufus Avenue, North Vancouver)
  • Lynn Valley Park (3220 Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver)

Registration opens to everyone May 10, 2016 (NSGFA teams pre-register by May 9 to guarantee your spot). For inquiries contact: 

Registration for North Shore Teams

NSGFA teams please use the form below. NSGFA will cover the cost. A $100 bond cheque is required ($50 for U10).

Registration Form for NSGFA teams  <<< NSGFA Teams click here

Registration for All Other Teams

Teams outside the North Shore please the form below. Registration starts May 10 at $200 per team ($150 for U10). 

Registration Form (non-NSGFA teams)  <<< non-NSGFA teams click here

Tournament Registration Status (as of May 15, 11pm)

Confirmed = form & cheque received (guaranteed spot). Pending = email/form received but cheque outstanding.
(available) = available to any team in this category. (waiting list) = potentially available.

Div Slot Team Association Coach Status
U10 1 Angels North Shore Matt Meanchoff Confirmed
U10 2 Blue Jays North Shore Ryan Edgar Confirmed
U10 3 Dragons North Shore Lisa Misola Confirmed
U10 4 Fireballers North Shore Steve McIntosh Confirmed
U10 5 Roses North Shore Curtis Galbraith Confirmed
U10 6 Hot Chilli Peppers Fleetwood Michelle McLeod Confirmed
U12 1 Blue Jays North Shore Jason Wallace Confirmed
U12 2 Fireballs North Shore Darrell Lesuer Confirmed
U12 3 Eagles North Shore Adrian Brennan Confirmed
U12 4 Wildcats North Shore Hitam Treadwell Confirmed
U14 1 Angels North Shore Pete Terrillon Confirmed
U14 2 Bears North Shore Scott Thitchener Confirmed
U14 3 Blue Jays North Shore Archie Marcha Confirmed
U14 4 (available)     -
U14 5 (available)     -
U14 6 (available)     -
U16 1 Cubs North Shore Marg LeSage Confirmed
U16 2 Thunder North Shore Jeff Andrews Confirmed
U16 3 Jaguars North Shore Tom Bradley Confirmed
U16 4 Royals North Shore Jay Snow Confirmed
U16 5 (available)     -
U16 6 (available)     -
U19 1 Wildcats North Shore Tammy Towill Confirmed
U19 2 Dolphins North Shore Geoff Bowering CONDITIONAL
U19 4 (available)     -


NSGFA Teams Not Registered

TBD = no response from this team yet. Declined = team has elected not to participate.

Div Slot Team Association Coach Status
U10 n/a Cheetahs NSGFA Stewart Spencer Declined


2. U12 C Region 2 Championships (June 17-19, North Van)

North Shore Girls Fastpitch is thrilled to host the 2016 U12 C Region 2 Championships on the weekend of June 17 to 19.

REGISTER HERE   (look for REGION 2 under U12 REGIONALS heading)

> ELIGIBILITY: All U12 teams in the C (house) classification within Softball BC Region 2 (Districts 4, 5, 6).

> REGISTER: on Softball BC website (link above) - $200 fee eligible for team funding (see NSGFA Handbook page).

> FORMAT: Every team plays at least 3 round-robin plus 1 play-off game (all teams qualify for play-offs).

> LOCATIONS: McCartney Creek Park (primary) and Loutet Park (secondary) in North Vancouver

> SCHEDULE: Games stars Friday late afternoon @ McCartney & Loutet, continue Saturday, playoffs Sunday (3pm finals).

> OTHER: Skills competition and social/dinner event planned for Saturday evening.


3. 2016 District 4 Playdowns

This is a protestable tournament conducted in accordance with applicable Softball BC rules and District 4 Playdown Rules. Coaches to submit the required Playdown Intent Form and ensure the Tournament Director has a copy of the team's official Softball BC roster.

The tournament proceeds rain or shine, subject to any decision by the Tournament Dirctector and/or UIC.

For inquiries contact the District 4 Minor Coordinator 

U14C & U16C - May 27 & 28 @ McCartney

U16 C: Royals, Thunder, Cubs  (double elimination)
U14 C: Angels, Bears, Blue Jays  (double elimination)

U14C & U16C Playdown Schedule   >>>>>   U14C Playdown Bracket     U16C Playdown Bracket  


U16B & U19C - June 18 @ Sentinel

U16 B: Stars 2000 vs. Stars 2001  (best 2 of 3 games)
U19 C: Wildcats vs. Dolphins  (best 2 of 3 games)

U16B & U19C Playdown Schedule   (no brackets required)